About Us

About Us

What sets 1Check apart is our unmatched experience and the ability to seamlessly guide you through the entirety of the inspection process.

All too often, potential buyers and homeowners are left confused by a Building Inspection, Handover Inspection or Timber Pest Inspection reports. It’s one thing to advise there’s a fault in a building, it’s another to quickly and simply communicate how it can be fixed

We believe we are here to help you make an informed decision on the condition of your home and are happy to guide you through the first steps to address the issues we find. Come along with us during the inspection if you can, so we can help you understand the property we are inspecting, or we can talk after the inspection.

We hope that you agree that a 1check inspection is amongst the best money you have ever spent.

Many Building and Timber Pest Inspectors only do inspections. At 1check we are active tradesmen. We install termite barriers with Termidor, Altriset and Sentricon Always Active bait stations being just some of our high-quality termite solutions.

We also are actively engaged in waterproofing work both before and after construction, and we renovate decks and do other building and maintenance work.