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A: Most of Brisbane

A: Cash or credit card

A: It will be John who always turns up.

A: We have a very high percentage of on time arrivals. At times our desire to make sure the previous job is done just right makes us slightly late, but we would always call you.

A: It does depend on what we are doing. Typically
⦁ General pest take up to 2.5hrs
⦁ A visual termite inspection up to 1.5hrs
⦁ A technologically assisted termite inspection up to an hour in addition to the visual inspection
⦁ A termite treatment up to 1-4 days, but each one is different so we will give you a proper quote.


A: The reality is termites are a very serious pest that attack more than 1 in every 3 homes – CSIRO data supplied by Rapid Solutions Insurance.

A: They do a minimum of 100 million dollars’ worth of damage to Australian homes every year. CSIRO data supplied by Rapid Solutions Insurance.

A: The species we most commonly found in Brisbane homes is Coptotermes acinaciformis, in dollars terms, it generally accept to be the most destructive termite species in the world.

A: It is a numbers game, you could do nothing and get lucky. Don’t chance it, let us help you protect your most expensive investment. 

A: You should get a regular inspection, ideally every 6 months, you can’t inspect too often. Subterranean termite can do a lot of damage in a few months. The Australian Standards recommend an inspection, a minimum of every 12 months. We do offer discounts to help you afford this level of protection.

A: We can’t do a proper inspection whilst just spraying for your general pest, we might get lucky and spot something but obvious. It is likely that it will take longer to inspect your home for termites properly than it will take for a general spray. For instance we need to inspect your ceiling void for termites but we would not normally need to get in there if we are just doing general pests.

A: Make sure your fix any water leaks and drainage issue around your home. Ensure that we have easy access around the perimeter of your home and keep garden beds away from the walls of your home. Done leave timber lying around your garden.

A: Yes there is always something we can do. The inspections are a start, but you should also keep up a termite treated zone around your property, typically a chemical treatment to the outside perimeter of your home, but we can advise you of any suitable alternatives at the time of your inspection.

A: Modern termiticides are extremely safe but don’t last forever. They should last a minimum of 5 years as long as the soil is not disturb and there is no drainage issues. In more favourable conditions a quality chemical will last at least 8 years, but you would expect no more than 10 years, even in ideal conditions.

A: Termites are like thieves, you can do a lot to keep them out, but if they are really determined they may still get in. But don’t worry we have a secret weapon. The traditional chemicals – the ‘repellents’ attempted to create a barrier that termites couldn’t get through. But Australian termites are persistent and do find ways around barrier systems. The ‘non-repellents’ are our secret weapon, the termites don’t notice them, become contaminated and carry that contamination back towards their nest with catastrophic results-well at least for them. 

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General Pests

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A:First let us know, we only use the best and safest chemicals, but we don’t take risks. We would recommend you stay out and clear of the premises till the chemical is dry and all mists and odours are gone. On a nice warm day this should normally be 2 hours or so. Make sure any medications you take are with you

A: Often you can stay, but it is always best to allow chemical to dry and stay as clear as you can whilst we are applying them. Normally in Brisbane our treatments will be all dry within 2 hours, but if in any doubt ask.

A: Once it is dry, normally within two hours.

A: Once the chemical is dry it is not a major issue. But don’t heavily scrub surfaces that have been sprayed, if you are going to spring clean it is best to have us in after your have done this rather than before. If you are going to clean your cupboards, do it before we arrive rather than after we are finished. We want you to have maximum value for your money.

If for any reason you are not happy with our services let us know we will do our best to sort out the problem. We are fully insured, licensed and qualified. Termites in particular are persistent and no treated zone is failure proof, that’s why we encourage you to take up the Timber Secure Insurance, it protects you even if the termites have outsmarted us.

We will always try and understand any misunderstanding and expectations, if necessary supply additional services at a discounted price or retreat the area that is giving the problem.  We encounter very fee problems, but when we do we always want to know why, so that we make sure it doesn’t happen again. Even if it is nothing to do with what we have done, it may be we need to add some more info to this website to help our customers. As we supply a time based service, unlike a retail shop that supplies a product, refunds are not normally applicable as we essentially bill for time spent on site. 

InTer Pest honours all its Guarantees and warranties. We are committed to working with you to solve your pest management issues, but we do at times require your help. InTer pest reserves the right to suspend a warranties period if our products and services have been deliberately tampered with, or safety or other directions are ignored. Inspections carry our quality guarantee, we will all do our best to ensure your house is free form infestations at the time of inspection.