Timber Pest Inspection

Timber Pest Inspection

Yearly Termite inspections and pre-purchase Timber pest Inspections (which also cover borers) are an important part of home ownership in Australia. Don’t put your money into a home without being aware of the termite risks and what can easily be done to reduce these risks and protect your home.

Advice & Solutions

Just like our building inspections, all of our Timber Pest Inspections/Termite Inspections are aimed at making the process as simple as possible for our clients. We will check for termite nests, termite leads, termite damage, overall risk, physical damage, and reduced effectiveness of existing termite barriers and treatments.  

What sets us apart is our overall understanding of how your property was built and protected from termites. We will let you know what termite protection system – if any – is protecting your home. We can advise you on the ease with which any termites might enter your home, and what can be done to reduce those risks. We don’t just want to inspect your home, we want to build a client relationship, helping to protect your home and property financial investment.

Using the best possible equipment for the most accurate result

A quality termite inspection relies on the expertise of the inspector, and the quality of their tools. That’s why 1Check use only the most modern tools from the industry leaders.

Thermal Image Cameras

For 1check, only the best will do, such as Flir for thermal imaging cameras and Termatrac for Termite Microwave Radar and Moisture Detection.

Mind you, with our experience, we usually find the issues with good old sight, sound, touch and smell even before the high-tech equipment does.  When we find termites, we have the expertise, knowledge and equipment to get rid of them from your home and then keep them out, using only the best and safest methods. We use genuine Termidor, Altriset and Sentricon Always Active solutions. We want the job done right, so we only use the best methods, the best equipment, done to a quality, not just a price. That’s a 1check assurance.