1Check is a family owned and operated Building and Termite Inspection firm servicing the Greater Brisbane area. 1Check has years of experience in engineering, termite prevention, and all other facets of building work, handovers and inspections.

We provide peace of mind and invaluable expertise to buyers, homeowners, and sellers. You may know us as Combined Building Inspections or InTer Pest, together we are 1Check, for all your Building and Termite Inspection needs.

Brisbane’s Best Qualified Building   and Timber Pest Inspector?

Who is inspecting your home? Are they Engineering Qualified, plus a Qualified Builder, and a Qualified Waterproofer and also a Qualified Termite Specialist–just 1 call to book an inspector licensed to do it all.

All your building, termite, and building inspection needs in 1 convenient place

Buying, selling, or own your own home or investment property, from time to time you may need a little help. That’s what we are here for. If you are purchasing a new home, you want to make sure that home is a sound investment; you want to make sure it is protected from termites and you need someone you trust to do your maintenance and build any extensions you may be dreaming of adding on. Just call us.

Just 1 call and we can organise both of your Pre-Purchase Inspections, or if you are selling just 1 call and we can organise your Pre-Sale Inspections, so you can better present your home for the best price. We can inspect your home for termites and also advise you on maintenance issues that left unfixed can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. We can protect your home from termites and organise it to be inspected each year. For many, our homes are our life’s savings, they are worth a little care and attention. We are dedicated to protecting Brisbane homes. Read More




1Check are experts in protecting you and your building from rising damp, moisture, and leaks.
Basements, bathrooms and more.


Don’t chance it, 1 in every 3 homes will be attacked! A Pre Purchase or Pre Sale Timber pest inspection & year termite inspections are essential.


1Check can advise and/or assist you with any work needed for your home. Years of experience, quality work, all done for a great price!

What sets 1Check apart is our unmatched experience and the ability to seamlessly guide you through the entirety of the inspection process. All too often, potential buyers and homeowners are left confused by a Building Inspection, Handover Inspection or Timber Pest Inspection reports.

It’s one thing to advise there’s a fault in a building, it’s another to quickly and simply communicate how it can be fixed

We believe we are here to help you make an informed decision on the condition of your home and are happy to guide you through the first steps to address the issues we find.

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